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Trucking Company

Our rates are based off availability of trucks and current fuel costs. All rates are flat with fuel surcharge included. We will try to match or beat any current rates you are working with. We shop around for the best deals for you.

Negotiated Quotations-. In this day and age the trucking inudstry has become very competitive through out the united states. R.M.F. Trucking Company, Inc. is allowing our shippers to keep there customers satisfied by extending there costs as low as possible with fast service added. We will negotiate rates on all shipments before pick up between R.M.F. Trucking Company, Inc. and shipper hoping this will provide more business between your customer and our shippers.

Shipper Notification Service- All of our shippers will be notified upon delivery of every shipment moved by R.M.F. Trucking Company, Inc. In addition, we will notify you if any other problems should occur until delivery is made. We will also arrange appointments if necessary.

Our Motto-​ In closing, R.M.F. Trucking Company's motto is "We know you have tried all the rest, now give R.M.F. Trucking Company, Inc. a chance and try the very best!"

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